The health website recently published an article examining the science of intuition, based on a 2011 study showing a link between bodily changes and learning. Participants in the study were given seemingly random choices in a game which lead to either “winning” or “losing” conclusions. Those who noticed changes in their heart rates before certain choices, and chose based on that subtle bodily variance learned and mastered the game more quickly than other participants. Study co-author Barnably Dunn says “We often talk about intuition coming from the body… what happens in our bodies really does appear to influence what happens in our minds.”

Intuition is a lightning-quick thought process that forms a reaction based on a person’s personal collection of experiences, memories and beliefs. It is related to instincts (like the fight-or-flight response) and similarly manifests through physical changes in our bodies. Studying these changes are the basis of the science of intuition.  But repeatedly ignoring the “gut feelings” of intuition can lessen the body’s physical responses and deaden it. Part of improving intuition is practice and using it.

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