Just a few of the many positive comments and kudos received for Intuition Retreat.

Intuition is an important part of my work, and Intuition Retreat is a wonderfully multi-dimensional program. The instruction, guided meditations, and intuition deck all come together to make this a sophisticated and powerful tool for developing one’s intuition. I think this course would be great for any health professional.

Marguerite Ogle, Natural Wellness Coach & Pilates Instructor

For me, Intuition Retreat brought the spiritual  down to earth. Going through this program I learned new things — and saw things I thought I knew in a new light. The information and guided processes are affirming and powerful, and the exercises help ground the learning into daily practice. If you want to take your intuition to the next level, this program is a wonderful tool.

Mark Rue, Artist & Illustrator

I’m loving taking this course. Today in the guided meditation I felt the presence of my guide. I had never known about them and I was open, not knowing what to expect. I felt that I was surrounded by peace and love. I like this course a lot. Can’t wait for more! If you are reading this wondering if you should take it, the answer is YES!

Student Testimonial. (Name withheld for privacy.)

I love how practical and  down to earth the material in this program is. Much of what’s been written about this subject is ‘airy fairy’ or out in the ethers, but I find Max Highstein’s approach relates well to everyday life. I personally favor a calm and common sense approach to intuition and spiritual growth and Intuition Retreat is both practical and up-lifting. The guided meditations and music are a lovely way to calm and center myself and I use them to de-stress!

Beverly Martin, Intuitive Consultant and Coach

Thank you for all the time, energy, and blessings you put into your Intuition program. Since I have been taking the lessons my heart has expanded with divine light and inner peace. Listening to the meditations, my intuition has opened up and expanded to a higher AWARENESS. I find I am able to hone into the subtle realms very effectively. My support team, and guides are always around me as I am able to connect immediately with them when I need their help. Thank you for being part of my spiritual journey. I will treasure the program.

Student Testimonial

With your generous offerings I am finally able to make connection with my true self and my inner guides and it has been so healing that I have been seeking all my life.

Student Testimonial (Name withheld for privacy.)