A Carefully Crafted Intuition & Psychic Ability Training Program With Everything You Need:

27 Engaging Lessons

16 Dynamic Intuition Exercises

13 Powerful Guided Meditation Audios

Intuition Deck (Cards & Online Version)

Helpful Training, Instruction, and Guidance

Free Bonus Program: The Daily Focus Process



Learn about your intuitive mind.

Filled with carefully written information and practical guidance. You'll cover the information you need to know while you’re learning to open your intuitive mind.

"...a sophisticated and powerful tool for developing one's intuition. I think this course would be great for any health professional." - Marguerite Ogle, Certified Pilates Instructor and Natural Wellness Coach. More...


Powerful guided meditations take you deep into your intuitive mind, to explore your psychic potential, and expand your intuition beyond the intellectual level.

"The information and guided processes are affirming and powerful, and the exercises help ground the learning into daily practice. If you want to take your intuition to the next level, this program is a wonderful tool." Mark Rue, Artist & Illustrator.


A series of intuition-building exercises give you hands-on experience using your intuition in a variety of ways, every day.

"Today in the guided meditation I felt the presence of my guide... I felt that I was surrounded by peace and love. If you are reading this wondering if you should take it, the answer is YES!" — Student Testimonial. (Name withheld for privacy.) More...

A Powerful Intuition Deck ExperienceDynamic Intuition Deck

The Daily Focus Intuition Deck (Cards & Online version) will train you to do a powerful dousing technique ("dousing" is a way of getting certain kinds of information) often used by psychics, healers, and intuitives. Then the deck will help you learn to tune in to key “nuggets” of information.

Just like the cards in the physical program package (also available) the Online Deck offers a unique, fun to use process that you'll want to employ every day.

"I love how practical and  down to earth the material in this program is... I find Max Highstein's approach relates well to everyday life. I personally favor a calm and common sense approach to intuition and spiritual growth and Intuition Retreat is both practical and up-lifting." — Beverly Martin, Intuitive Consultant and Coach


  • How To Develop Your Intuition And Psychic Ability
  • Understanding And Overcoming The Blocks To Intuition
  • The Architecture Of Your Intuition, And How To Activate It
  • A Precognition Technique You Can Use Every Day
  • 5 Lessons On Feeling, Hearing, And Seeing Intuitively
  • Working With Inner Guides, Angels, And Spiritual Helpers
  • Energy Balancing
  • Oracles And Dousing
  • Using An Intuition Deck
  • Maintaining A Sacred And Safe Space
  • Exploring The Energetic Field
  • Making Intuitive Decisions
  • Doing A Psychic Reading
  • and Much More!
"Since I have been taking the lessons my heart has expanded with divine light and inner peace. Listening to the meditations, my intuition has opened up and expanded to a higher AWARENESS. My support team, and guides are always around me as I am able to connect immediately with them when I need their help. Thank you for being part of my spiritual journey. I will treasure the program." — Student Testimonial (Name withheld for privacy.)


Max Highstein

Max Highstein, MA is a world renowned intuitive counselor, author, and teacher, with graduate degrees in both Psychology and Spiritual Psychology. For over 25 years his bestselling programs like The Healing Waterfall have helped thousands of people learn to relax and heal from within. The author of over 60 ground breaking programs on personal growth, spiritual development, and intuition, he’s spent years developing his own natural intuitive gifts, and now shares those with all of us. Max Highstein lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and works with clients all over the world through his personal sessions, classes and recorded programs.