In a recent article for the Asheville Mountain Xpress, reporter Nicki Glasser interviewed several medical intuitives to learn more about intuition and how this growing practice is helping where ordinary medicine has missed the mark. “The western medical paradigm often fails to provide a clear understanding of how to regain good health,” says Rachel Frezza, a medical intuitive interviewed for the article.

Most medical intuitives “see” inside a patient’s body to help identify things that might become medical problems or that a physician may have missed. Medical intuitives can be certified through the International Association of Medical Intuitives and most are trained in anatomy and physiology so they can understand what they are seeing when they “look inside” someone’s body.

“I see the physical body like an X-ray machine, like I have a camera and I am going inside the body,” says Tammy Coffee, an intuitive in the Asheville area. “I see the different levels. I go through from head to toe. I go through all the systems — the hormonal, blood, organs, digestive system — and I will look through, for example, the entire small and large intestine. That’s the first part. Then I also see the causes, so if there is a mental, emotional, trauma, ancestral, genetic component — I will see that. Almost always there is a mixture of things that is the root cause creating illness in the body or discomfort,” she says.

While medical intuitives don’t diagnose, they often work with physicians to pinpoint health issues and solve them at their root causes.

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