In a recent article for “The Blog” at the Huffington Post, staff writer Steph Cook discusses the importance of paying attention and listening to your intuition at work. Cook describes how ignoring her intuition on a job left her overworked, in poor health, and struggling to take care of herself. “I had this seed of doubt in my gut,” she says, “But it looked like all the stars were lining up…”

The job, which looked like the answer to all her problems ended up being a “non-starter” for her career and an outright hindrance to her personal growth. Cook says she learned this important lesson from her job opportunity gone wrong—“Even one day lived out of alignment with your intuition might be too much” but using your intuition at work might save your job and your health!

For people who have lost touch with their intuition, Cook recommends asking a few questions before making a decision.

  1. Is this decision aligned with who I am and who I want to be?
  2. Is there a discrepancy between what I’m seeing and what I’m feeling?
  3. What signals is my body sending me? (hint: think weight gain, headaches, that “pit in your stomach” feeling.)
  4. What would me five years from now tell me right now?


Intuition is something to be used daily and it can effect day to day life. If you need to reconnect with your intuition, try the Intuition Retreat course today.

To read Cook’s full article, click here.