Mindfulness educator Susan Wolbe, writing for The Blog at the Huffington Post this week discussed her own process for clearing roadblocks with intuition.  Wolbe describes how often, people put up boundaries where none truly exist. “How many times have you told yourself, ‘No, that’s probably not a good idea,’ or ‘No, I don’t think we’re allowed to do that’?” asks Wolbe. Instead of imagining roadblocks, she encourages people to use their intuition to clear a path for success.

Wolbe suggests taking time to listen to intuition even when it is unclear where intuition may lead. “I ask myself if a decision must be made immediately and, if not, I just give it time,” she writes. Wolbe tries to wait before responding to requests and to consider alternatives before making a final decision– “I follow, in my mind, the path from action to possible reaction.”

This process represents a more intentional method for making decisions. “I can identify the ‘type’ of situation that [has] led to other negatives, and that’s where I try to make more deliberate, careful choices,” she says. Intuition represents the combination of past experiences and gut feelings, resulting in a clear knowledge of how best to proceed in a situation. Trusting the inner voice of intuition is often difficult, but heeding intuition tends to increase the accuracy and relevancy of the intuitive phenomenon.

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