In a recent article for the Fiji Times Online, life coach Kelera Kotobalavu writes about developing intuition and using it to help make important decisions. As a successful life coach and public speaker, Kotobalavu encourages her clients to trust their intuition. “Intuition is connected to your heart, your inner core which is part of your subconscious mind…” says Kotobalavu, “so learning to listen to it and doing what it says… can lead you to a happy and amazing life.”

Kotobalavu believes that most people are restrained by the fear and doubt projected by their “inner critic” and rational mind. “The more [people] listen to their heart rather than their head, the quicker and more confident they become at making bigger, better decisions.” She further asserts that as a person’s confidence grows, so does the strength and accuracy of his or her intuition.

Developing intuition has a lot to do with practice. “Intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets,” says Kotobalavu. As the strength and quality of intuition improve, people become more trusting and courageous with intuitive suggestions.

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