Intuition represents one of our best tools for decision making—especially for quick decisions; but many people do not trust their intuition and miss out on its powerful effects. In order to gain more confidence and develop your intuition, author Lena Benjamin offers three proven ways to develop your intuition.

First, Benjamin suggests quiet. Very often, “busy-ness supersedes productivity” she says. Just because you are constantly busy does not mean you are actually getting very much done. Taking a few quiet moments to clear your head can help you connect with your feelings and emotions, relieve stress and open your mind to possibilities that would otherwise be crowded out of your conscious thoughts. You can achieve this quiet through meditation or by doing something as simple as taking a walk alone.

Next, Benjamin encourages listening to your inner voice. Sometimes people become immune to the little voice in their gut, but “when you quiet the mind, and thoughts come to the surface, you must believe in them…” she says. Make a habit of heeding this inner voice and you will begin to receive more accurate intuitive indicators.

Finally, Benjamin says that paying attention is key to developing your intuition. Pay attention to how a situation makes you feel, the specific words and tone that people are using, and the vibes and atmosphere of a place. So often people ignore warning signs because they want a situation to work out. Your intuition is an early warning system that can keep you from making big mistakes if you let it. Heeding intuition will never steer you wrong, so check with your gut before big decisions.

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