The Intuitive Hit

Develop Your Intuition & Psychic AbilityThe Intuition Retreat Course is filled with powerful content, information, exercises, guided meditation programs, tips and more. In addition, here are a collection of recent articles about using your intuition, developing psychic ability and more from around the world, all for you!

Proven Ways to Develop Intuition

develp your intuition

Intuition represents one of our best tools for decision making—especially for quick decisions; but many people do not trust their intuition and miss out on its powerful effects. In order to gain more confidence and develop your intuition, author Lena Benjamin … Continue reading

Clearing Roadblocks with Intuition

clearing roadblocks with intuition

Mindfulness educator Susan Wolbe, writing for The Blog at the Huffington Post this week discussed her own process for clearing roadblocks with intuition.  Wolbe describes how often, people put up boundaries where none truly exist. “How many times have you told … Continue reading

Women’s Intuition Prevents Plane Crash

Women's Intuition

Women’s intuition is a powerful thing. A New York woman’s intuition likely saved the lives of more than 200 passengers aboard a TransAreo flight from Israel last week. After taking her seat, Mussie Weinfeld noticed something “off” about the plane’s wing and … Continue reading

Medical Intuitives

medical intuitives

In a recent article for the Asheville Mountain Xpress, reporter Nicki Glasser interviewed several medical intuitives to learn more about intuition and how this growing practice is helping where ordinary medicine has missed the mark. “The western medical paradigm often … Continue reading

Intuition at Work

Intuition at work

In a recent article for “The Blog” at the Huffington Post, staff writer Steph Cook discusses the importance of paying attention and listening to your intuition at work. Cook describes how ignoring her intuition on a job left her overworked, in … Continue reading

The Science of Intuition

science of intuition

The health website recently published an article examining the science of intuition, based on a 2011 study showing a link between bodily changes and learning. Participants in the study were given seemingly random choices in a game which lead to … Continue reading

Developing Intuition and Learning to Trust It

developing intuition

In a recent article for the Fiji Times Online, life coach Kelera Kotobalavu writes about developing intuition and using it to help make important decisions. As a successful life coach and public speaker, Kotobalavu encourages her clients to trust their … Continue reading

Psychic Study

Psychic Study

In an article for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Jaime Licauco discusses the ability of psychics to predict, diagnose, and heal sick patients. While much evidence is anecdotal or obviously psychosomatic, Licauco also points out a study by Dr. Clyde Norman … Continue reading

Trusting Intuition

trusting intuition

As gifted psychic Marjorie Young recounts in a recent article, trusting intuition can be life-changing. “Our lives hare made up of momentous moments which are often cloaked in everyday disguise,” Young writes. Intuition is the key that reveals the messages … Continue reading